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Any of this sound familiar?

Is that really what you’re planning to wear to the party? I don’t care if it’s your money - it’s my house. I’ll say whatever the hell I want to you in front of your friends. This house looks like a shit hole. It better not when I get home. Those pants make you look like a cow. Maybe if you kept yourself up a little better I wouldn’t need to look at other women. You’ll do what I tell you. I might be home tonight. I might not. It’s none of your frigging business where I go and what I do. Haven’t you eaten enough of those chips little piggy? I’m the only one who gives a shit about you, so you might want to watch your step. It’s your friends or me. You decide. Your friends think you’re stupid. Want me to give you something to really cry about? I’ll slam the cupboards if I want to. Watch your lip. If you don’t feel like screwing right now, maybe I’ll find someone who does. I know plenty of women who’d be happy to replace you. I’ll give you a real headache if you don’t stop that whining. Don’t care if it was yours - you don’t deserve it, so I sold it. Yes I smashed your stupid little trinket. So what? You’re a selfish little bitch. Might want to watch those hips - you’re starting to look like your mother. I saw how you were looking at him with those whore eyes of yours. Sometimes you’re too stupid to even walk around. It’s a good thing you’re pretty, because you sure are stupid. You don’t deserve nice things, you clumsy bitch. I’ll take care of the finances; you take care of your hair. All the money you spend on clothes and you’re still ugly. Get out of my face—I don’t even want to look at you. Don’t give me that bitch face. Computer course? Why don’t you learn how to make a decent meal first? Shut your dirty little mouth. You’re not fat, I was just joking. I’d rather talk to the dog than you. Why can’t I check your email, do you have something to hide? I’ll let you know what your opinion is when I’m ready. Find your own way home—I’m having a good time. Stop ragging on me. You never shut up. Yeah, if you call what you do a job. You’re always putting words in my mouth. I never promised that. I wouldn’t yell if you weren’t so stupid. It’s your fault I’m yelling. You’re nothing but a spoiled bitch. Don’t say no to me. Don’t even think it. You’re lucky I don’t hit women because you could use a good slap. You’re not even worth talking to.We can help.